Smart Home System Based on ZigBee

light controlsensorssystem
(1) Control Panel, (2) Sensors, (3) System design



Smart Home System Based On ZigBee, Undergraduate Training Programs for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Nanchang University.The functions of this system consist of remoting control of lighting brightness and scenario mode, monitoring the temperature and humidity, monitoring the harmful gas index, and automatically close the air valve and open the water valve to extinguish fire. Human infrared sensor can prevent outsiders from intruding and prevent children from approaching the window at the same time.
The hardware design of this system is mainly based on STM32 and CC2530 (which is used to run ZigBee protocol stack), programmed by C language.The system is connected with the Internet by a WiFi module and with the household devices through ZigBee protocol for lower power cost. You can view the status of your home through an Android App and control the devices remotely.